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Axis Theater Seats


The Octane ZR700 Axis VIP Movie Seat is a premier movie chair made for home cinemas that includes storage and a beautiful ebony stained wood end cap on the front arm rest. This cinema chair is made with the Octane Accessory Dock­™. This dock allows for the full range of accessories like the reading light, wine glass holder, cigar holder and more. Are you ready to empower your media experience?
The Axis movie seat is an ideal choice for home theaters that are limited in space and cannot accommodate a full reclining lounger. The chair is a rocker recliner which means the seat back will rock backward when one leans on it. Unlike the loungers, this seat does not have a foot rest that inclines when one reclines. Many customers decide to include this seat as a back row and add the more traditional Octane loungers as the front row. To ensure that the rockers match the loungers, and optional foot rest extension can be attached to the rockers to give them the same aesthetic style as the loungers.

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