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Indoor TVs outside?

Not a smart choice

There is a reason why all TV manufacturers warn about using the indoor TV they make outside, a catastrophy could result from it, it voids the factory warranty and we strongly suggest consulting the home owner's insurance and ask about their policy on these cases.

Outdoor speakers come in a varience of choices, the traditional outdoor that hungs on walls or ceiling, the outdoor in ceiling speakers, rock speakers generally used around swimming pools and the landscape speakers shown on the video on the left. We'll make sure the music plays and you do the dancing.

Outdoor TV

Live the outdoors the right way, get a Sunbrite outdoor TV from FNC Home Theater

Outdoor TV

Sunbrite TV ultra bright

Outdoor TVs

4K Ultra HD Full Shade Outdoor TV

Outdoor TVs are the way to go, don't make the mistake of putting an indoor TV outside, that would expose it to temperatures that they are not designed for, humidity that shortens their life expectancy, and bugs that are looking for warm places to hide.

Landscape Speaker and Subwoofer

Responsive Tweeter

Project sound precisely where you want it. Our 4” and 6” satellites feature an ultra-responsive ¾” aluminum dome tweeter to more accurately reproduce and disperse high frequencies across any space, while the triple tweeter array on the 8” Landscape speakers is made of high-quality titanium, and allows for a robust 120° of sound dispersion.


episode landscape speaker
rock speaker

Rock Speaker

These All-Weather rock speakers feature 6-1/2" polypropylene cone, Nomex Spider, high-temperature cone and dual 1" Titanium dome tweeters. Optimized for outstanding audio performance.

Dual Voice / Stereo Sound

Perfect for spaces that best accommodate a single Rock speaker or for even sound distribution of both channels using several Rock speakers. Each Rock can also be wired as a single mono channel for traditional stereo applications.

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