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Burglar Alarm

Smart Alarm System

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

alarm.com control

Smart Protection

We provide State-Of-The-Art burglar alarm service powered by ALARM.COM which brings the most advanced technology to the security devices. Order an alarm system from FNC Home Theater and be part of the over 5 million people that use ALARM.COM.

Remote Acces

Arm and disarm your alarm system from any of your smart mobile devices and from your smart watch, see if the garage door was left open (or closed) and close it if you need to, or simply adjust the temperature while you are on the way home or remotely unlock the door.

alarm.com voice control

Voice Control

Like in a complete home automation system, voice control is the flavor of the month, utilizing Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home can sophisticate your living in a much more simplifyed way, just say "Alexa, tell alarm.com to arm stay" will get your family protected.

Automation integration

Our alarm system is fully compatible with our most advanced complete  home automation system for added functions. Only the best could do all this, keep up the today's technology with our alarm service.

alarm.com notification

Keep yourself in the loop

Be ahead of everyone else, increase your realm of control, get to know what is happening in your home while you are away. Did you forget to lock the door? did you leave the garage door open? get notified and make corrections on the go, stay in the loop.

Alarm Notifications

It is common these days to find an alarm system that notifies you when an event occurs like a door being opened, but our system goes far beyond, you can customize it to alert you when your son (or any specific person) is the one disarming the door. This is possible with unique user codes.

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Contact Us Today

The biggest advantage in hiring our alarm service is the assurance that you are getting a Hi-Fi system, as you know we are about smart homes and invest a great deal of efforts in updating ourselves all the time keeping up with the latest in technology. Contact us today and get all the details from professionals.

Alarm.com Authorized Dealer

We are authorized ALARM.COM dealers not many can say the same thing, call us today and get started in the high tech yet affordable security alarm system with home automation with an incredibly fast response  and State-Of-The-Art security devices, call now.