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Home Security Cameras

Security cameras has been a necesity in today's world and we all understand that, but do you know what video surveillance systems are reliable and can really offer 99% up time? Respectable system integrators (installers) will never guarantee absolute up time, at FNC we have tried big name cameras, no names, low, mid and high price systems, all offer great picture quality and remote access as well as other great features but when it comes to reliability, very few pass our high standards tests. We have come down to the few that actually work as well as the ways to improve quality with the right network equipment, materials, installation presidures and programming knowledge. Contact us and make an appointment for an in home consultation free of charge.
Axis companion cameras

Axis Companion Cameras.

Axis communications is the top security cameras developers in the world, it is the only system that use their own technology, their reliability is has been impressive. Axis cameras systems are commonly found oilfield, airports, hospital and in places on which reliability is critical. Axis companion was developed for the residential and small business market with far more affordable systems while keeping excellence.

Video surveillance

Uniview Security Camera

Security cameras systems find an upgrade with Uniview, offering 2K and 4K picture quality and a 5 Year limited factory warranty, much higher than industry standards. Remote access is improved with its prime mobile app and the new H.265 compression packet but the best of all is the 99% up time offered by Uniview, contact us and schedule a free consultation and have a great security cameras system installed.

geovision cameras system

Geovision Security Cameras.

One of the most known security cameras brand for commercial installation in America, GeoVosion systems offer a great variety of cameras type at a mid-range price point. Contact us and find out about the famous analytics software that comes included with the latest and most advanced VMS software.

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