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Home Automation vs. Control

Home automation can be complete or partial, we refer to partial as Control, we can install and program a system that will allow users to control lights, AC, door locks, garage doors, shades and more at relatively low cost and occasionally run automated devices on schedule utilizing a partial automation system.

Complete home automation by Control4 gives you much more than just control with the internet of things, this means that things happen automatically by event triggers, e.g. if you come home after sunset, your smart home knows it is you and automatically opens the garage for you, turns the lights on as you walk to the door, unlocks the door, turns the TV on, adjusts the temperature, etc.

Smart home

Complete Automation

Control4 is here to enhance the lifestyle of all of us, it is the most complete system because it can integrate with most smart devices.

home automation

Smart Home

It's the internet of things, in other words, the smart devices around your house, automated lights, music, TV's, door locks, shades etc.


Smart Keypads

We'll customize the keypads to control lights, music, shades, etc. Or have a series of things hapening with the touch of one button.

Whole home audio

Control At Your Fingertip

With home automation you don't have to go room by room to turn the lights off, do so from where you are, one by one or all at once.

Let the videos explain

Smart Home

Home Automation is much more than just control, with a Control4 system installed by FNC Home Theater, a large set of things can happen automatically by triggers such as arming the alarm to away, when people set the alarm to away is because nobody is staying home (otherwise it would be set to "Stay"), so we can configure it in a way thay when the home owner hits the "Away" button, the smart house understand that no one is home so it will adjust the temperature accordingly, turn all lights off, all TV's off, shades down, lock all outside doors, then wait a minute to close the garage door in case you forgot to do so or it will notify you that garage door is open.

Explaining Home Automation

What better way to explain what the smart home can do for you than a video, watch this video that will show you what you can expect from a Control4 Home Automation system, see how you can control the smart things or devices around your house with touch screens mounted on the walls, mobile devices, remote control automatically by triggers like motion and others or better yet, utilizing voice control, just say "Alexa, turn on cooking" and your smart home can turn the lights you need on, turn on the TV and tune your favorite channel, open the window shades and so on, see the video.

Payment Options

We offer traditional payment options such as cash, check, debit or credit cards as well as installments with either 0% interest for 6, 12 or up to 24 months; or you may choose a very low monthly payment with up to 12 years to pay, contact us now and make it happen.

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