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Premium Packages

Home Theater Premium Packages

The Premium home theater packages start at about $15,000 and and typically don't go much further than $40,000 They offer superb video and audio quality. These level system come with "System Design 2", read more about it below. From low-medium budgets to medium-high these systems will impress and exceed the expectations of many. All items used in these sample packages consist of premium quality level.

Premium speakers

Premium Packages With Martin Logan and Kef Speakers

Premium Packages With Focal Speakers

Premium Packages With Triad Speakers

What dictates what componets we use on each system?

Everything starts with the speakers. The speakers we choose for you demand certain level of amplification, for example, some speakers don't need much and will be okay with AV receivers, while other speakers will not perform nearly as well as they could with the amplifiers built into the AV receivers. Then some amps will also require higher quality cables than others. The audio side of the system is what makes the biggest difference between one system and another, and when we look at the audio system we've chosen, then we may decide if you will be fine with one projector or if we need to upgrade you to the next level or even further.

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