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The audio system is said to be the soul of the home theater system and we believe the picture should be the heart. Scroll down to read our explanation of the different system configurations and how to choose from 5.1,  7.1, 5.2.4 and many more types of surround sound system setup. We'll also give you a quick look at the different projectors and what is more appropriate for you.

Home Theater Rooms

Whether you already have a dedicated theater room in your home or you want us to convert that spare room into a astonishing home theater room, we'll have the solution for you, at FNC Home Theater we can do everyday things like building seat risers, wall columns, star ceiling, crown molding with LED or some more customized things like sound proofing the room or building a bar behind the theater chairs.

Lets define the different setups

What is a 5.1 system?

A 5.1 surround sound system is the most commony used setup, it is found in home theater rooms, living rooms, media rooms etc. But what is it? it's simple,the first number (5) corresponds to the amount of surround sound speakers, that is 3 in front (left, center and right) and 2 in the back (rear right and rear left) behind the seats and ideally a few feet away from the seating spots. The second number (1) corresponds to the amount of subwoofers, a 5.1 system uses one sub and a 5.2 uses two.

Example of sound separation in a 5.1 system:

Imagine yourself watching an action movie in which an airplane is coming towards you, because you'll see it in front you will hear it on your front speakers and the subwoofer (s) starts picking up the vibration, and when the plane passes, you'll hear it behind you on your rear speakers, and just as it passes you, a soldier who is located deep on the left side of the screen, shoots a rocket to the warplane, you'll hear the shot on your front left speaker and as the airplane turns to your rear right, you'll hear the explosion behind you, on your rear right speaker, making you feel inmersed into The movie, in crossed fire.

What is a 7.1 system?

The 7.1 system is very similar to the 5.1 explaned above, it uses 3 speakers in front and 2 in the back as well as 1 subwoofer, but additionally, it uses 2 more speakers in the middle (one on the left and one on the right) to add movie effects to the middle sides. So as you may have guessed, a 7.2 system comes with two subwoofers just as a 7.4 will have four, so remember, the first number is the amount of surround speakers while the secnd number is the amount of subwoofer, if you see a 9.2 system that means you have 9 surround speakers (used in very large rooms) and 2 subwoofers.

What is a 5.1.2 or Dolby Atmos system?

Dolby Atmos is the flavor of the month, it was created in 2012 but has been implemented more and more since 2015, so what is it? Dolby Atmos as well as DTSX (DTSX is a dirrefent technology that offers the same results/product) adds another dimmension of sound to the theater room, 3D sound, the overhead sounds or the sound that comes from up above. It starts with 2 Atmos speakers and grows in pairs (5.1.2, 5.1.4 etc.). This is the recommended way to go, we predict that soon all movies will be filmed in Dolby Atmos and/or DTSX so it pays to have it on your theater room, we currently install Atmos systems in about 70% of our home theater installs and if you notice, all the main movie theaters in the big cities have or are upgrading to Atmos.

Example of Atmos sound:

If an airplane in a movie is coming towards you and you have a Dolby Atmos or DTSX system, you'll hear it first on the front speakers, then on the overhead speakers (above you) and then behind you. You will be thriled when you hear rain in these systems, as in real life, rain sounds everywhere around you but thunders always comes from up above, from your atmos speakers, so many great scenarios in an atmos filmed movie can get the "Wow" out of your mouth.

Come visit our showroom to see, hear and feel the movie in surround sound and Dolby Atmos before you buy.

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