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Screen Innovations

Premium Projection Screens

We are a direct authorized dealer for Screen Innovations, one of the leaders in the projection screen industry. SI screens are made in the United States with high standards of quality control.

Some of the most popular screens are the Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screens Slate and Black Diamond. The Slate is designed to reject up to 65% of ambient light while their flagship Black Diamond can reject up to 85% of the ambient light resulting in much deeper black levels even under some light challenges. SI is also our go-to screen for short-throw projection.

Black Diamond Screens

Not everyone wants to retreat to a darkened room to enjoy watching the game or playing games with friends and family. Screen Innovations solved this problem in 2008 when they released Black Diamond®, the first optical screen that rejects light from above, below, and on both sides resulting in much better picture quality when the room is not dark.

Slate Screens

Screen Innovations spent two years in their lab in Austin Texas to create a flexible, ALR screen that can go massive, adheres to only the strictest visual acuity and uniformity standards, and most importantly – is affordable, we use the Slate when the light in the room is hard to control or when the walls and ceiling are not dark, it is an alternative when the budget doesn't allow a Black Diamond or when we need to balance the white and the black levels of the picture.

Zero Edge

SI took a close look at traditional frame design and found that removing the 3.5” bezel created a more aesthetically pleasing look, and allowed projection screens, for the first time, to be incorporated into the design of a room, our customers absolutely love the thin bezel because they do the job just as good as the regular wide frames but look much better.

Solo Short Throw Screens

The combination of SI's motorized Solo and ALR Short Throw material overcomes a litany of barriers that have been traditionally associated with two-piece projection. With Solo’s lithium-rechargeable and low-voltage options, a two-piece projection can exist nearly anywhere. We use short-throw screens and projectors in rooms where you have lots of ambient light but wish to have a large screen.

Screen Innovations screens installed by FNC Home Theater, authorized dealer. We use Black Diamond, Slate and other products from SI.

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