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Monitor Audio Gold



Monitor Audio Gold Package

With such an impressive complement of drivers, the Monitor Audio Gold 300 has the power delivery and scale required to fill the largest rooms with jaw-dropping dynamics as well as the finest musical detail. Extending from below 30Hz to over 60kHz, its frequency range is among the widest available from any speaker, regardless of price. Video treatment also gets its share into this package with SONY native 4K projector and the Screen Innovation Black Diamond Screen.

Model: VPL VW285ES

SONY Projector

True 4K HDR in any room. With more than four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K delivers a picture that's so incredibly lifelike, it's like being in the scene or at the game. Experience HDR content with an extremely wide contrast range and a greater volume of colors.

Black Diamond

Screen Innovation Screen

7 Series Zero Edge with Black Diamond works to preserve the colors being produced by the projector, rejecting the ambient light from the room such as lights and wall color (which can push the screen into a different color temperature), and other ambient light sources.

Models: Gold 300 (2), Gold C350 (1), Gold FX (2)

Monitor Audio Speakers

Standing at over a meter tall the Gold 300 is a majestic three-way floor-standing loudspeaker comprising twin 6.5" bass drivers, a single 4" mid-range driver and a high frequency ribbon transducer.

Model: SR5012

Marantz AV Receiver

Marantz SR5012 lifts your home theater to a new level, with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X bringing you breathtaking 3D surround sound with today's advanced movie soundtracks, and is fully equipped to deliver the renowned Marantz Hi-Fi and home theater sound.

Model: Gold W-15

Monitor Audio Subwoofer

It may deliver taut gut-churning bass all the way down to a seismic 18Hz, but the Gold W15 is also an intelligent design, featuring an advanced automatic room correction system called LEO™ (Listening Environment Optimizer).

odel: EA1 and SR260

Control4 Remote and Controller

Together the EA-1 Controller and the SR-260 System Remote Control deliver a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive on-screen user interface with the ability to create and enhance the entertainment experience for any TV in the house.

Model: MR4300

Power Management

The Panamax MR4300 will protect your audio/video system from damaging power spikes as well as the minor day-to-day current fluctuations that can compromise your system's performance over time. It can safeguard up to nine components.

Media Room Installers

One Full Day Installation

Installation by FNC

Our Packages include Installation on pre-wired rooms. We'll also include other necessary materials to complete the installation, such as screws, nose and other plates, zip ties, mug rings etc. Wiring is available at additional fee

Media Room Calibrations

Advanced Programming

Programming by FNC

FNC Home Theater's professional programmers will take the equipment installed to the optimum level of performance, make the remote control function with all the home theater features automation programming will be available at an additional fee if an automation package is requested.

Check, Cash or Credit card

Select the method of payment that you prefer, using cash, check, credit card or select one of our financial options today to get your home theater setup.

Zero Interest Option

0% Interest for 12 months option is available for this package. Take 12 months to pay, make monthly payment if you wish, pay it all in any of the 12 months, apply today, get approved in minutes.

Low Monthly Payments

Want a low monthly payment? we have just the plan for you, get your home theater system installed for as little as $80/month or even lower, visit us today and learn more about this option.