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Bose Sound

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Bose Sound Package

The Bose speakers that are that are engineered and design for the home theater. After getting it right again and again with the TV rooms and living rooms, Bose is expanding its reach and bringing its world of experience and excellence to the home theater systems. This package is acompnied by a Marantz Audio Receiver and a projector with 4K enhancement.

Model: 6040UB

Epson 4K Projector

Enjoy the 4K picture quality to match the sound of this package, the Epson 6040UB offers more than just 4K enhancement, the real revolution comes with HDR, the contrast rate is 1000000:1 and has 2500 lumens.

100 Inch Pure White

Screen Innovation Screen

SI’s 1 Series fixed projection screens add new meaning to the word value. 1 Series offers 4K compatibility in a 3.25″ velvet wrapped aluminum frame with standard matte white screen material..

Model: Bose 891

Bose Speakers

These rectangular Virtually Invisible® in-wall speakers are engineered with one 7" woofer and two strategically positioned 1" tweeters each. Exclusive Bose Stereo Everywhere™ speaker performance provides balanced stereo sound over a wider area, with no drop-offs.

Model: NR1508

Marantz AV Receiver

Upgrade to the higher level of sound, This Marantz offer the latest HDMI connectivity, HDR, Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDCP 2.2 compatible.

Model: SDS12

Sunfire Subwoofer

The most powerful of the family, the SDS-12 delivers all the dynamics found in your most demanding material. At home in larger rooms, the SDS-12 delivers 600W of peak power from Sunfire's Class-D digital amplification, while sipping merely a half a watt in standby. 

Model: Pro

Harmony Remote Control

Harmony Pro the the most advanced remote control from Logitec. Upgrade to this remote and enjoy a great deal of features.

Model: MR4300

Power Management

The Panamax MR4300 will protect your audio/video system from damaging power spikes as well as the minor day-to-day current fluctuations that can compromise your system's performance over time. It can safeguard up to nine components.

Media Room Installers

One Full Day Installation

Installation by FNC

Our Packages include Installation on pre-wired rooms. We'll also include other necessary materials to complete the installation, such as screws, nose and other plates, zip ties, mug rings etc. Wiring is available at additional fees.

Media Room Calibrations

Intermediate Programming

Programming by FNC

FNC Home Theater's professional programmers will take the equipment installed to the optimum level of performance, make the remote control function with all the home theater features automation programming will be available at an additional fee if an automation package is requested.

Check, Cash Or Credit Card

Select the method of payment that you prefer, using cash, check, credit card or select one of our financial options today to get your home theater setup.

Zero Interest Option

0% Interest for 12 months option is available for this package. Take 12 months to pay, make monthly payment if you wish, pay it all in any of the 12 months, apply today, get approved in minutes.

Low Monthly Payments

Want a low monthly payment? we have just the plan for you, get your home theater system installed for as little as $80/month or even lower, visit us today and learn more about this option.