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5.1 Premium Silver

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5.1 Premium Silver Home Theater Package

The premium packages incorporate arguably the very best In-Wall speakers in the professional market, excellent video and all other aspects of the system are carefully chosen for this 5.1 Bronze package. See suggested upgrades and Add-Ons below.

5.1 Premium Silver

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  • JVC Premium 4K Projector
  • Twilight Premium Screen
  • Marantz SR Series AV Receiver
  • Triad Sealed-In-Wall Speakers (2)
  • Triad 3 Way In-Room Center Speakers (1)
  • Triad Sealed-In-Wall Surround Speakers (2)
  • Triad 12" Subwoofer
  • Control4 Advanced Remonte
  • Control4 Controller
  • WattBox Surge Protector
  • WattBox Power Conditioner
  • Araknis Network Switch
  • 4K HDMI Cables
  • Advanced Audio Calibration
  • Advanced Video Calibration
  • Fiber Optic HDMI
  • Professional Installation

What is included:

Model: DLA-RS1000

JVC Premium 4K Projector

This THX 3D and ISF certified projector accepts native 4K 60P (4:4:4) material through Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 compatible inputs and displays it with stunning 4K e-shift5 3840 x 2160

Model: Bright Moon

Twilight Screens Slim Frame (100")

Twilight Screens' Bright Moon projection screens offer the best picture quality in dark rooms and feature "Slim Frame to add beauty to your theater room. 8K HDR ready. Size and Type can be upgraded.

Model: SR5013

Marantz SR Series AV Receiver

The Marantz SR series is the highest end of the 7.2 channels AV receiver delivering exceptional audio visual performance and built in Heos. A great AVR to keep up with the speakers included in this package.

Triad INWALL Silver 4 SAT Speaker

Model: SILVER 4 SAT (2)

Triad Sealed In-Wall Speakers

Silver Level, handcrafted in the US using the finest materials and components, Triad’s fully engineered, sealed, and internally braced MDF enclosures deliver intricate acoustics and effortless playback, actualizing the artist’s intent.


Triad 3 Way Center Speaker

Triad’s Silver LCR fills media rooms and smaller home theaters with powerful, rich sound with compact 5 1/4" drivers, controlled sound reproduction, and superior dialogue quality. Fully engineered, premium MDF enclosure.

Model: SILVER 4 Surround (2)

Triad Sealed In-Wall Surround

Triad Silver Surround speakers are specially engineered for intimate settings requiring full-range sound and a small form factor. Fully engineered, premium MDF enclosure, acoustic suspension, compact, bipole design and more.


Triad Powered Subwoofer

With 12" drivers, Triad's Silver Subwoofer is a professionally engineered bass-maker, offering ultra-low distortion, long throw woofer, high power handling and high SPL output. Custom paint-matching service included.

Model: EA1 and SR260

Control4 Remote and Controller

Together the EA-1 Controller and the SR-260 System Remote Control deliver a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive on-screen user interface with the ability to create and enhance the entertainment in the theater system.

Model: WB-400-8 and WB-200-6RWT

WattBox Power Management

Protection, protection, protecction! at different levels with the WattBox 400 series power conditioner that is in charge of making sure the audio visual equipment works with the optimum power. A surge protector for the projector

Araknis switch and HDMI

8 Port Switch and 4K HDR HDMIs

Araknis Switch & 4K HDMIs

The 5.1.2 Gold Theater package includes one Araknis, an advanced 8 port Gigabit network switch, up to 3 HDMI cables (3 feet long) 4k@60, 4:4:4, 2160P, full 18Gbps and up to 3 Cat5e cables (3 feet long) to connect your new equipment.

Type: RPMA281

Chief Mount For Epson Pro

Chief made this projector ceiling mount custom for all JEpson Pro Cinema line projector family.

Type: NFC18B

Sanus Center Speaker Stand

Sanus' strong and good looking black stand for center speakers.

Fiber Optic HDMI

Type: Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable.

The quality of the projector included in this package and the new content on the latest and future movies demand a high speed of 18Gbps which can be acomplished with the Fiber Optics HDMI included in this package.

Type: Advanced

Advanced Audio Calibration

The Advanced Audio Calibration allows for settings and configuration that would not be available with only the AV receiver. We will modify the sound wave curve to create the best audio environment with a special software.

Type: Advanced

Advanced Video Calibration

Custom video calibration provides the opportunity for the projector to perform according to the home theater room's size, light and color, settings which are impossible to be accomplished with factory settings for most rooms.

Type: Professional

FNC Equipment Installation

Our Packages include Installation on pre-wired rooms. We'll also include other necessary materials to complete the installation, such as screws, plates, zip ties, mug rings etc. Wiring is available at additional fees.

Synchrony or Enerbank

Financing Options

Have what you wish and deserve, and enjoy ease of payment options, from 0% interest for 12 months to up-to 12 years to pay with very low monthly payments.

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JVC RS3000 Projector

JVC 8 K Projector

Home Theater system design

System Design

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos System

Twilight Screens Dark Moon

Larger Size or ALR Screen

See Suggested Add-Ons Below

Theater Seats

Media Cabinet

Star ceiling

Star Ceiling

Seat riser

Seat Riser

Equipment Rack

Cooling Fan Systems

Sony Blu Ray Player

Blu Ray Player

control4 keypad home automation

Automated Lights