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Reference HF2

9.2.4 Reference Hi-Fi 2 Home Theater Package

The Reference Hi-Fi 2 package is a 9.2.4 system and sets the standard of how a home theater system should be in medium-sized rooms, the system is designed to replicate the performance of a commercial movie theater right at home with high power speakers hidden behind the screen, walls and wall columns (utilizing acoustic cloth on walls), the ultimate performance starts here. How does it compare with the Reference HF1? Well, this has better LCRs which are bi-amped.  The other big difference is that it utilizes 2 of the PMA amps which will drive the speakers to higher SPL and can fill a medium-sized room.

What is included:

Model: VPL-VW695ES

SONY Advanced 4K Projector

Native 4K offers 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160) for a picture that's so incredibly lifelike, it's like looking at the real thing, which is why it is the resolution defined by the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) for theater distribution.

InstallBay Fiber Optic HDMI

Type: Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable.

The quality of the projector included in this package and the new content on the latest and future movies demand a high speed of 18Gbps which can be accomplished with the Fiber Optics HDMI included in this package.

Model: Reference

Seymour Acoustically Transparent

Seymour Screen is what we use when the image and sound quality are the first and foremost considerations, the REFERENCE Fixed Acoustically Transparent product line will provide the ideal projection surface.

ARCAM Pre-Amp Surround Processor

Model: ARCAV40AM

ARCAM Pre-Amp AV Processor

This pre-amplifier redefines audiophile home cinema with an unprecedented 16 channel processing capability and supports virtually any high-resolution multichannel audio format.

Type: PMA-4444 (x1)

Pro Audio Center & Sub Amp

The Pro Audio Technology PMA-4444 high-efficiency amplification with advanced DSP processing. Up to 4 Channels and 4000W, Ultra-Low-Noise Audio Converters: 123dB Dynamic Range.

Model: PMA-4242 (x1)

Pro Audio Front Left/Right Amp

High-resolution filtering allows PRO engineers to attain levels of technical accuracy orders of magnitude beyond previous designs. Built on proven Class-D technology from Bang & Olufsen.

Model: DMA-1508 (x2)

Pro Audio Surround & Atmos Amp

The Pro Audio Technology DMA-1508 provides up to 1500 Watts of total power, the DMA-1508 offers advanced installer-programmable DSP features that make even the most advanced audio systems easy to deploy and optimize.

Model: SCRS-6im (x3)

Pro Audio Technology Front Spkr

The SCRS-6im creates dynamic sound far surpassing the performance limitations of in-wall loudspeakers. Its professional-grade woofer employs a powerful neodymium motor system, resulting in a bass that is tight and extended.

Model: SCRS-25im-P (x6)

Pro Audio Technology Surround

  • Made In The USA
  • Quality European Professional-Grade Drivers
  • True Compression HF Driver with Neodymium Motor System
  • Suitable for Screen or Surround Channel.
  • DSP Optimized Performance

Model: SCRS-6c-iw (4)

Pro Audio Technology Atmos Spkr

The SCRS-6c-iw brings PRO trademark thrilling sound to Immersive Audio systems at a new level of affordability within the Reference packages. Ideal for Dolby Atmos Systems, high-Sensitivity: 93dB LF / 105dB HF.

Model: LFC-12v (x2)

Pro Audio Technology Subwoofer

The LFC-12v was designed as a lower-cost alternative to the highly-successful LFC-212ai making possible multiple-subwoofer designs in budget-conscious systems. High-Sensitivity: 96dB, Professional 12-inch, 700W Driver.

Model: EA1 and SR260

Control4 Remote and Controller

Together the EA-1 Controller and the SR-260 System Remote Control deliver a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive on-screen user interface with the ability to create and enhance the entertainment in the theater system.

Type: UBP-X1100ES

SONY Advanced Blue Ray Player

Get the real theater experience home The refined Blu-ray home cinema experience, optimized for custom integration. Constructed with premium materials and equipped with Dolby Vision and HDR10, Dolby Atmos /DTS:X 3, High-Res Audio.

Araknis switch and HDMI

8 Port Switch and 4K HDR HDMIs

Araknis Switch & 4K HDMIs

The 5.1.2 Gold Theater package includes one Araknis, an advanced 8 port Gigabit network switch, up to 3 HDMI cables (3 feet long) 4k@60, 4:4:4, 2160P, full 18Gbps and up to 3 Cat5e cables (3 feet long) to connect your new equipment.

Model: KIT-WB-700-IPV-12 and WB-PowerLink2-BLK

WattBox Power Management

High-level IP Controllable Power Conditioner (Provides several layers of protection and power conditioner for cleaner audio and video) a controller faceplate and an outlet link to connect the projector to the same power source.

Type: RPMA281

Chief Mount For Epson Pro

Chief made this projector ceiling mount custom for all SONY Pro Cinema line projector family.

Type: Advanced

Advanced Video Calibration

Custom video calibration provides the opportunity for the projector to perform according to the home theater room's size, light, and color, settings that are impossible to be accomplished with factory settings for most rooms.

Type: Advanced

Advanced Audio Calibration

The Advanced Audio Calibration allows for settings and configuration that would not be available with only the AV receiver. We will modify the sound wave curve to create the best audio environment with special software.

Type: Tier 3

FNC Custom System Design

Custom System Design is standard in this package, we will determine the right placement for every speaker, screen and seats, as well as determining the right screen size according to THX standards, then we will make 3D drawings.

Media Room Installers

Type: Professional

FNC Equipment Installation

Our Packages include Installation on pre-wired rooms. We'll also include other necessary materials to complete the installation, such as screws, plates, zip ties, mug rings, etc. Wiring is available at additional fees.

Synchrony or Enerbank

Financing Options

Have what you wish and deserve, and enjoy the ease of payment options, from 0% interest for 12 months to up to 12 years to pay with very low monthly payments. Apply and get approved in a few minutes.

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