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5.1.2 Bronze Atmos Theater

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5.1.2 Bronze Theater Package

Our 5.1.2 Bronze home theater system, featuring the magnificent Dolbe Atmos, DTSX or 3D Audio, come with all the equipment shown below, usually it is all you will need, including installation, any of the equipment listed below can be upgraded, for example, you may increase the screen size and/or change the type of screen, the same applies to any piece of equipment on this package.

5.1.2 Bronze Theater Package

$4,599 $59/mo.
  • Epson 1080 Projector
  • Twilight Pure White Screen
  • Marantz AV Receiver
  • Elura Red Label Speakers
  • Elura Red Label Subwoofer
  • Logitech Harmony Remote Control
  • Basic Surge Protector (2)
  • Basic Audio Calibration
  • Basic Video Calibration
  • 4K HDMI Cables
  • Professional Installation

What is included:

Model: 2150

Epson 1080p Projector

This affordable projector will acomplish the job with a great 1080p picture quality, it also comes with 2,500 lumens to help with rooms in which lights cannot be controlled.

100 Inch Pure White

Twilight Screens Standard Screen

Twilight Screens' pure white fixed projection screens add new meaning to the word value. Offering 4K compatibility in a 2.36″ velvet wrapped aluminum frame.

Model: NR1609

Marantz AV Receiver

Great sound separation comes courtesy of this Marantz AV receiver, with its slim profile this 7.2 channels AV receiver delivers exceptional audio visual performance. Built in Heos.

Elura Red Label

Model: R6.5IWZ and R6.5Z

Elura Red Label Speakers (7)

Red Label is Elura’s mid point into HiFi home audio. The same strict standards that are applied to the Elura premium offerings are present in the design and performance of this series. Lifetime Limited factory Warranty.

Model: SUBB10.2

Elura Black Label Subwoofer

This 10" self powered black label is the Elura's entry level subwoofer but it outperforms many other subwoofers that are over twice the price. Has 175W power amplifier and features a down firing ported enclosure.  

Model: Companion

Harmony Remote Control

Harmony Companion is by far the easiest remote control that is universal, press one button and see how everything happens. Like all other devices in this package, this remote control can be upgraded as an option.

Model: WB-200-6

Surge Protector (2)

WattBox® Surge Protector Wall Tap with Coax Protection, 6 Rotating Outlets. This WattBox products offer a manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Media Room Installers

One Full Day Installation

Installation by FNC

Our Packages include Installation on pre-wired rooms. We'll also include other necessary materials to complete the installation, such as screws, plates, zip ties, mug rings etc. Wiring is available at additional fees.

Luxul switch and HDMI

Luxul 5 Port Switch and 4K HDMI

Luxul Gigabit and Up To 3 HDMI

This package comes with a 5 port Gigabit Luxul network switch to connect up to 4 network equipment to the internet and up to 3 4K HDR HDMI cables.

Mid-Level Audio Calibration

Basic Audio Calibration

In this package we will perform a basic calibration that will set the sound power according the the primary seating position and distance to each speaker, advanced calibration is available.

Factory Default

Factory Calibration

The projector in this package will be installed with the factory settings which will work alright in the average room. Advanced video calibration if also available.

One Full Day Installation

Financing Options

Have what you wish and deserve, and enjoy ease of payment options, from 0% interest for 12 months to up-to 12 years to pay with very low monthly payments.

See Suggested Upgrades Below

Epson 4050 projector

4K Enhancement Projector

Twilight screens bright white

Thin Bezel 8K Ready Screen

Elura Blue Label

Elura Red Label Speakers

Elura SUBR10

Elura Red Label Subwoofer

<p style="font-family:calibri; font-size:30px; color:#e38408;">Control4 EA-1 Entertainment Bundle W/Remote & Recharging Station</p>

It’s the perfect smart home starter set designed for an exceptional one-room entertainment experience. Connect and automate all of the gear around the TV with just one remote that features a low-profile charging cradle to keep remotes continuously charged. This bundle delivers a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive on-screen user-interface, giving users the ability to control virtually everything in an entry-level Control4 system. It is the perfect price to start experiencing smarter living.  

<p style="font-family:calibri; font-size:25px; color:#b06606;">Benefits:</p>

<li>Watch a movie or favorite TV show with the press of a button.</li>
<li>Easily control music and entertainment from all devices including: Amazon, Apple, Heos, LG, Roku, Samsung, Sonos, Sony, and thousands more.</li>
<li>Enjoy millions of songs and playlists with native streaming services like Deezer, Pandora, Rhapsody, TIDAL, and TuneIn Radio.</li>
<li>On-Screen navigation is fast, responsive, and easy for the entire family to use.</li>
<li>Enhance the entertainment experience easily by adding smart lighting, climate control, and intelligent security.</li>
<li>Your Control4 App license enables control from multiple iOS devices, including Apple Watch, as well as Android mobile devices with an optional 4Sight subscription.</li>

<p style="font-family:calibri; font-size:25px; color:#b06606;">Includes:</p>

<li>(1) EA-1 Controller</li>
<li>(1) SR-260 Remote</li>
<li>(1) SR-260 Remote Charging Station</li>
<li>(1) SR-260 Rechargeable Battery</li>

<p style="font-family:calibri; font-size:25px; color:#b06606;">Features</p>
<li>Low-profile charging cradle.</li>
<li>Charging indicator that can be dimmed or turned off.</li>
<li>Magnetic charging cradle and battery cover for proper seating of remote control during charging.</li>
<li>Lithium-Polymer battery provides hundreds of charge cycles for years of performance.</li>
Source: <a href="https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/remotes" target="_blank">Control4</a>

Control4 Remote

WattBox WB-400-8

Advanced Power Conditioner

home theater audio calibration

Advanced Audio Calibration

Advanced video calibration

Advanced Video Calibration

See Suggested Add-Ons Below

Theater Seats

Media Cabinet

Star ceiling

Star Ceiling

Seat riser

Seat Riser